Editorial & fine art photography

Hi, my name is




I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. The daughter of a South African piano teacher and an American videographer. We moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to escape the violence happening due to apartheid. We survived the move and my dad pursued his dream of joining the movie industry (which he has had a long successful career in). In acclimating to this new country I clung to the things I knew, family and horses which both helped me grow and learn valuable life lessons.

Many years later, I attended Pepperdine University where I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a year. It was there that I fell in love with food, wine and art, I mean how could you not! I graduated with a bachelor of arts in Advertising and began a career that would be more dynamic than I could have ever hoped. I worked at a few ad agencies with roles such as project manager, sr. operations manager, and account director on campaigns for Coca Cola, Mattel, AT&T, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Soylent, Taylor Swift Now, Sumo Citrus, and Hello Sunshine.

As I went to red carpet events, met with clients, and learned more about business I realized I wanted to combine my love for art, people, and life. So, here I am, a photographer who keeps the door open for unique opportunities and believes with a little bit of collaboration and a clear purpose we can create beautiful art together. That art can be for the masses in ad campaigns or hanging on the walls for your family to cherish, both are equally important to me. I hope to work with you soon!

The Team

(a.k.a a small farm)


My handsome and smart husband, Creed. We got married during COVID and the adventure just keeps getting more interesting & fun. He works as a propulsion test engineer - so yes, he is literally a rocket scientist, though he wont let me brag about it as much as I want to.


My heart horse of 15 years. She came to me as a Nevada BLM wild mustang when I was 15. I trained her from the ground up, and our partnership is one that I will cherish forever. She is a diva but also the most trustworthy firm footed horse I’ve ever ridden.

Plat & Hobbes

Plat (short of Platypus) and Hobbes our two rescue kittens. They are equal parts trouble and cuddle. They will be the ones creating the “crash, bang, boom” sounds in the background of our zoom calls and then meow to get up on my lap for belly rubs. They make us laugh every day.